Regular Course(Capacity 480 students)

This course is designed for those who are currently living abroad and wish to study long-term in Japan with a student visa. You have to submit the necessary documents by the appointed deadline to acquire the student visa needed for the course.

If you would like to apply, please arrange the documents approximately six months in advance for each semester. The 24-month course is especially good for applicants who aim to study in Japanese colleges or universities in the future.

Course Duration and Application Deadline ※Subject to change

  • ・April Course (24-month Course)  Nov. 15th of the previous year
  • ・July Course (21-month Course)  Feb. 15th of the same year
  • ・October Course (18-month Course)  May 15th of the same year
  • ・January Course (15-month Course)  Sep.15th of the previous year
  • 募集要項
  • 入学願書


intoroduction/Beginner,Pre-Inter mediate

導入・初級(9ヶ月)※到達目標:N5,N4レベル 1. 簡単な挨拶・自己紹介・教室用語など→初中級(3ヶ月)※到達目標:N3レベル 1. 会話練習・・・日常生活に必要な語彙・文型を用いた反復練習/日本語の敬体・常体→中級(9ヶ月)※到達目標:N2 レベル1. 読解教材による学習語彙5,000~7,000語/漢字1,000~1,500語/その他高度な文法→上級(3ヶ月)※到達目標:N1レベル 1. 自己目的の日本語による達成 語彙10,000語、漢字2,000語 高度な文法

Time Table (Regular Course)

  morning afternoon
Period 1 9:00~9:45 13:30~14:15
Period 2 9:45~10:30 14:15~15:00
Period 3 10:50~11:35 15:20~16:05
Period 4 11:35~12:20 16:05~16:50

※Classes will be scheduled either in the morning or the afternoon.
※Students will be placed in the appropriate class based on a level check.

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